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Saturday, November 29, 2008

hmm, jux w0ke up n0t long ago oly.
eatin maggimee nw. had a fun nite ytd.
went for D&D.

1st time attending it. l0oks cool. e mc
was great. i salute him. l0lx.
played some simple yet fun games.

e mc rly can bring up e atmosphere.
hahas.wasted i nv tio any lucky draw.

after tt we went centrepoint to drink.
colleagues r bad. they purposely make
ppl drunk. but end up they oso
sehh sehh. hahas.

but they succeeded.funny ppl. they
arent s unfrenly s i tot. hmm, ytd was

some cant even walk straight.tt guy
stuck in e toilet for dam long.hahas.end
up gals went off 1st.

reach dear's hse alr 3+am.tired.den slept
le.6+ went hme.was suppose to meet
lh in the late m0rnin but end up slp
till 2+pm. -.-" sorry ah hoon~ wasnt
on purpose.

nw slacking n0r.mayb g0 watch some
sh0w.ppl say nice de.hahas.t0nite havin
dinner w/ family.my br0 tonite jiu go
gentin le~miss him? i dunno =x

s l0ng s he's back wif f0od, i'l miss him.
=x dear? i'l be meeting him tml.
dunno wat we doin oso.

dunno hw to xplain.but me n him alw gt
mani thingy happen.espec suay thingy.
hahas.but we alw survive in the end.

tt's all f0r nw.it's time to watch sh0w. x)

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


time flies. BUT y cant i c him~

sian. ~_~

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hmm, suppose to meet him t0day de.
budden he needa study. miss him so

hmm, t0day m0rning beri cute sia.
raffles ther gt ppl w/ animal head
de. t0ok pic w/ ostrick & snake.

the pics h0on post in her blog le. i
no usb cable, cant xfer e pic. =(
all my pics r stuck in my hp n my
mmc is g0nna full~ ~_~

e pics f0r kb0x, ishak's hse and
mani mani more all cant post. sian

think i slpin s0on le ba? c0s i gt
so dam mani thingy to d0 tml n
i gt nth to d0 nw. l0lx.

tml can get to c him le. wonder he
gt miss me ma. i whole week nv
c him le he oso nv ask mi abt
whether i gt eat med ma.

i g0 watch sh0w till 11pm jiu g0
rest le ba. nights everyone.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

currently at dear's hse resting.
waiting for my mum to fetch me.

i'm on mc t0day. been feeling sick
since last wk. den nv hear advice stil
keep on anyh0w eat and play.

throat keep on gt smth beri uncomfortable
sia. wanna g0 c d0c le.sian.dear w0rkin
nw lo.

mayb later late afternoon den come back.
eat a meal den g0 back again. i'm so tire.
the throat dam irritating sia. zz.

nw this hse is so quiet. his bro is slpin,
den left me alone in living r0om d0in nth.

again, i gt mani mani pic wanna upload
but no usb cable n0r bluet0oth. i wanna
g0 bathe s0on le. den g0 f0r lunch
and c doc. pain pain pain. =(

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

time flies~ once again, i'm back to update
my blog. =x l0lx.hmm,2mths + lai tt jiu
pass le sia.

had rly lotsa pics to post. but all in my hp.
my usb connector lost. ~_~ wonder y i
suddenly blog? cos bored n0r.

he kanna confinement. thanx to he
himself.if say fren hai or wat still no choice.
hais. mayb he's happier inside w/ his
frens. hahas.

anw, baked cookies today.was tire de n0r.
t0o long nv make liaos.hope he wil like it.

nw waiting f0r mum tabao back n0r.l0lx.
hmm,t0nite goin li yun mei mei de hse slp.
w/ ling & ching. hahas.

on e way let her c my lappy. sot sot de i feel.
hahas. oly tml m0rning den can c him.
den ask him whether still prawnin an0t he
oso no reply.hais.

dunno wat to say.my w0rk? so-so n0r.everyday
9am go in sit & do do do do do till 12pm den
g0 lunch den come back do do do do do
till 6pm or even later.

of c0s ther r times when can relax abit. but
most of it is do w0rk n0r. time rly pass beri

last wk he like oly went out w/ his frens to
cele bday tis wk he is like confinement le.

dun wish to say more liaos. e more i say, e
more wrong thingy i say. hahas.

anw, ppl out ther, dun mind abt wat i talk k?
cos wateva i speak is not being sarcastic.
thou mayb u feel so but pls dun mind me.

c0s sometimes even my most beloved oso
feel so. since someone wil feel so, sure
others will t0o.

i g0 eat dinner le. bye. wil try to update
asap. =x l0lx.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

saw tt cute little WALL.E above my taggies?
g0 click click it. =x im beri poor. l0lx.

hmm, okie, been a long time since i last
update my blog. so tiring nowadays. after
w0rk, meet sis,if not jiu come hme slp.
tt's hw working life goes.

actu wanted to post pics t0o. but i left my
usb cable in office. -.-" hais. dun understand
y sometimes ppl can b so erm, action, or gt
those type of f*attitude. pei fu man.

every ppl haf diff speed of learnin thingy
ma. arrrgh, i'l prove every1 wrong. if i gt e
determination, i think i can do it. or no,
i WILL do it.

of cos, i wil sure geng abit de la. c0s gt
colleague tel mi sayin if i can drag long jiu
drag longer abit. cos the w0rkload wil b
dam heavy.

budden again, im oso n0t g0nna stay f0reva
on tis job.i jux wanna gain experience.
mayb if can tahan jux cont to w0rk
n w0rk n w0rk.

jus hope she faster quit. =x hahaha. sounds
bad? she's even more evil. thou mayb
she dun mean it.

n yea, i finished my fyp le. g0nna pass, i
think? another prob arise. i haven pass
my tp n my tp is nxt mth.

wts man. i dun haf time to learn oso n0r.
so tiring. hais. h0w i wish i can excuse
myself from havin car license. but no c
hoice ehhh. alr so much money gif to
them le. hahas.

sian. hmm, learn alot ang moh typing
e-mail sia. but dun feel like using standard
english in blog. sounds so formal sia. l0lx.

hais. came across a blog jux nw. so
saddening. if im not wrong her name is
jerlyn. she's no longer in tis w0rld. RIP.

i read her best fren's blog, cai wei's. again
car accident. hais, irresponsible driver.
somemore is fren. karma sure awaits him.

no wonder nw car license so diff to pass.
surely mus b bcos of those bastard de. =\

miss dear so much. hope he gt liberty nite
tml. later im g0nna meet my sis f0r supper.

wondering hw's yc inside her camp. h0pe
she's d0in fine. miss her t0o. c0s 1 wk
oly can c her f0r super awhile oly.

BEAR in mind. NO supper from nw on.
OLY can drink n NO food is allowed. i'm
SO fat. sadded! =(

gd sia some gals. eat eat eat oso wun fat.
i eat eat eat become ball liaos. can roll here
roll ther. ppl like to make fun of me.
but nvm, i believe in karma. =D

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

quite bz tis few days. 11th aug is the final
interview f0r my fyp le. guess wat, bz yet
im still n0t goin to sch t0day.

c0s im jus sent my resume out. clashed. so
i skipped sch t0day.hmm, g0nna meet yL
s0on. needa g0 pack up le.

went few places ytd sia. bought a pair of
jeans t0o. f0r interview de. hahas. im g0nna
try lh's w0rkin place.

dunno whether they wanna recruit me ma.
i'm waiting f0r her reply. =)

anyw, went to eat bee hoon crab. shiok seh.
but eat e crab till tire sia. l0lx. if dear's there
jiu hao, can share tgt. xD

t0ok quite a few pics f0r e past few days. sat
went to parkway wif yc n lh. ate fish&co.
shiok sia.

no wonder im getting fatter n fatter.
everyday eat gd f0od. ~_~ n of c0s, due to
eating gd f0od everyday, my pocket burnt a
BIG hole.

surely, i needa find a job nw! if n0t, if i
continue, im g0nna hunger to death 1 day.

sun we jus quietly spend our 2 ppl w0rld in
his hse. chit chatted. ate c0okies, chocolates
and guo dong. shiok!

wonder tis week when he coming out again.
=( miss him so much.

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